Upgrade to Premium

This article gives an overview of the different EnergyID subscriptions and how to qualify for an upgrade. Are you wondering why we are now offering EnergyID Premium, and what exactly is changing for existing users? Then please read our announcement on the launch of EnergyID Premium.


 How do I activate EnergyID Premium?

 Frequently asked questions about upgrading to EnergyID Premium


The information in this documentation is subject to change without notice.

The basic version of EnergyID allows you to monitor your consumption in monthly and daily resolution for free. You can also connect up to two apps and automate your record. If you want more details, analyses and features, you can upgrade your record to EnergyID Premium.

We briefly list the benefits below.

Free features include:
  • Up to 10 meters (limited to daily readings)
  • Up to 2 connected apps
  • Insight into your consumption and savings
  • Compare your consumption with your peers
  • Insight into your production
  • Insight into your CO2 emissions
  • Climate corrections
  • Timeline
Premium features include:
  • All free features
  • Unlimited number of meters
  • Unlimited number of connected apps
  • Insight into your self consumption and self sufficiency
  • Insight into your monthly peak power
  • Actions and result tracking
  • Dashboards
  • Analyse your data with Metrics Explorer
  • Monthly digest by email
  • Register meter readings via QR code
  • Grant access to an additional administrator (coming soon)
Premium HR features include:
  • All Premium features
  • High resolution data (up to 5')
  • Detailed capacity analysis
  • Comfort metering (temperature, humidity)

Premium is an upgrade for records. This means that you upgrade a specific record within your account rather than your account as a whole. For example, you can have one Premium record in your account and two free records (1).

(1) Up to two free records per user

How can I activate EnergyID Premium?

Private users can activate EnergyID Premium by joining an EnergyID group. Business users can choose a subscription and start their own group.

Activate Premium by joining a group

Several organizations and local governments offer their members and residents an EnergyID Premium upgrade, often in conjunction with additional services such as energy coaching, collective metering, group purchasing, and more.

By joining their EnergyID group, your record automatically qualifies for EnergyID Premium. Once approved, EnergyID Premium is activated on your record.

  1. You search for a relevant group in the Group Directory. To become a member, click on Join and choose the record you wish to upgrade.
  2. The group managers will review your membership request. If you meet the membership criteria, your request is approved.
  3. Premium will be activated on your record.

I cannot find a suitable group to apply for a Premium upgrade

In that case, we must unfortunately ask you to be patient. Along with organizations and Flemish cities and municipalities that are already active on EnergyID, we are looking at the possibility to offer you a Premium upgrade. If your municipality or employer is not yet active on EnergyID, then we kindly ask you to be our ambassador and promote our tool to them.

As a private person, can I buy a Premium subscription myself?

It is currently not possible to buy a Premium subscription as a private user. This may change in the future, but at this stage we consciously choose to reach our end user - that is, you - through organizations and local governments.

As a business user or organization, where can I find the prices, and how do I start a group?

You can find the prices of EnergyID Premium and information about starting a group on our official website.

Read more about EnergyID for business and local government

Can I join multiple groups offering Premium?

Yes, you can join multiple EnergyID groups. Each approved membership entitles the registered record to be upgraded to EnergyID Premium.

Can I switch groups and keep my Premium subscription?

Yes, by first registering your record with the new group, you can subsequently unregister your record with the old group without losing the right to a Premium upgrade.

What if I terminate my membership in a group?

Upon termination of your membership, your record will also be deregistered from the group and you will no longer be entitled to a Premium upgrade.

When downgrading your record, only the recent 10 meters and 2 connected apps remain active, while the other meters and integrations are closed or disabled. You can reactivate them after removing other meters and integrations or by upgrading again to a paid subscription.