Request to add a new app to EnergyID

All supported apps are listed in the EnergyID App Directory. If the app you want to use is not currently supported, there are two ways to request an integration with EnergyID:

  1. EnergyID Support
  2. Vendor of the app

If you have basic IT knowledge – and don't want to wait for an official integration – you can get started yourself with our Incoming Webhooks.

EnergieID Support

You can contact EnergyID Support to request an integration with your app.

EnergyID keeps an internal list of app requests. We regularly publish an overview of upcoming integrations on this page.

App Status Planned release
PowerBI (Microsoft) In development (proof of concept) -
(Last modified on 07/11/2023)

While most integrations on EnergyID are built by us, we prefer the second option where the vendor of the app builds and maintains the integration with EnergyID.

  • We do more than our best, but we simply do have limited time and resources to build and maintain integrations.
  • The remote party can forward new measurement data to EnergyID more efficient and therefore also faster.

Vendor of the app

If the app in question does not have an API to remotely access your data, or if you think the vendor of the app does have sufficient time and resources to connect their app to EnergyID, you can contact them.

Provide their product or technical department a link to our Incoming Webhook documentation, which covers the most important aspects.