How to update your communication preferences

Follow these steps to update your communication preferences.

  • Click on your profile icon and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Communication Preferences section, select or clear the checkboxes depending on your preferences.

Emails from the list below are genuine EnergyID communications and relate to your account or personal record.

  • EnergieID <> (original domain, Belgium)
  • EnergieID <> (international domain, Dutch/French/German name)
  • EnergyID <> (international domain, English name)
  • EnergiaID <> (international domain, Italian name)
  • ID Energia <> (international domain, Portuguese name)

Why do I receive a reminder email every month?

If you are subscribed to the monthly reminder email, you will receive an email every 1st of the month asking you to enter your new meter readings. Our prediction models work with monthly data and a meter reading at the beginning of the month gives the highest accuracy.

If you are away for a longer period of time, or if you forget to enter your meter readings several months in a row, don't worry. With only a few meter readings per year, we can estimate your monthly consumption, although this will be less accurate than if you do submit your meter readings every month. 

You can change your settings if you no longer wish to receive this e-mail.

What if I already have a digital meter?

In that case, it can still be useful to receive the monthly reminder email, for example to enter the reading of your analogue water meter. If you only have digital meters and your EnergyID record is automatically updated, you can deactivate the monthly reminder email and enable the monthly summary. 

Why am I not receiving a monthly summary?

If you have activated the monthly summary option but do not have a Premium record, you will not receive a summary. This feature is part of our Premium offer.

How do I change the record to which the monthly summary relates?

The summary only contains data from your premium default record. If your default record is not premium, the data is taken from the last premium record created. To set up your default record, yes go to Records under your profile icon. Click the three-dot icon behind your record and select Set as default.