What if I have an EV charging point?

Charging an electric vehicle is not considered part of the energy demand of your home or building, and is deducted when calculating your total consumption and energy savings.

Do you have an EV charger in or at your home / building, and does it support automatic readouts? Then use our incoming webhooks to send the data to your EnergyID record. Or send us more information (such as API documentation) about the EV cloud solution you are using.

If you prefer to enter meter readings manually, create an additional meter:

  • Open your record and go to Meters.
  • Click on the icon with three dots at the top right of the list and choose Add a manual meter.
  • Choose EV charging point as meter type.
  • Select the right unit and the right type of meter readings.
  • Click on Create to add the meter.

By default, every meter is included in the reports. Also for your EV charger the meter property Reporting > Include in reports must be set to Yes.