Combining automated and manual meter readings

You have an automatic data source or app linked to your EnergyID record, but you already had a manual meter for the same energy, water or waste flow.

To avoid double counting, it is important to configure the old meter correctly.

  1. Find the date of the first automatic meter reading
    • Open your record and go to Meters.
    • Click on the name of your new, automated meter.
    • In the Meter Readings tab, scroll all the way down to the oldest meter reading. Click More to load additional meter readings.
    • Copy the date and time of the meter reading to your clipboard or write it down on a paper.

  2. Archive your manual meter
    • Open your record and go to Meters.
    • Click on the name of your old, manual meter.
    • Click on the Properties tab.
    • Change the name of the meter, for example from "Electricity" to "Electricity (old)". This step is optional.
    • If you no longer wish to see the meter in the overview, turn off Show meter in the overview.
    • Scroll down to the field Reporting > Reporting period > To and enter the date and time you found in step 1.
    • Click Save.

    Archiving or hiding a meter does not mean that the measurement data disappears from our system.

    The meter will still be included in the reports, and your reference consumption - necessary to quantify your savings - will still be calculated.