Getting started with EnergyID ✨

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What is EnergyID?

EnergyID is an online measurement and verification platform that helps households and organisations gain insight into their energy, water and waste consumption. With EnergyID you can collect, review and analyse metering data from your home or building. EnergyID helps you understand how much you have saved as a result of behavioural changes and improved efficiency. 

New to EnergyID? Create your free account.

When you create an account we only ask you for:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address

Your EnergyID record

Once you have registered you can create a record for your home or building. This record holds all relevant measurement data, such as meter readings for electricity, natural gas and solar panels. You can also enter meter readings for water, waste and mobility.

How do you collect meter readings?

This can be done in three ways:


If you want to monitor more than one home or building, create a new record for each location.

Insight into your consumption

EnergyID provides a number of reports to help you gain insight into the consumption of your household or organisation.

  • The Energy report helps you gain insight into your consumption of electricity, natural gas and other energy sources. You learn how much energy you actually use and how you are doing compared to your peers. We also tell you how much energy you have saved as a result of behavioural changes and improved efficiency.

    If you have solar panels, it can be more cost-effective to consume your own electricity. The energy report gives insight into your energy production and self consumption, and tells you whether your solar panels are underperforming or not.

  • The Water report helps you better understand your water consumption. You learn how much drinking water you consume, and how you are doing compared to similar profiles. We also tell you how much water you have saved compared to last year.
  • The Waste report provides general information about the different waste fractions. How much residual waste did you collect? What percentage of your waste is recyclable or biodegradable?
  • The Mobility report shows the mileage of your car, motorbike, scooter or bicycle, and whether that is more or less than last year.

Energy transition, a collective story

EnergyID is the perfect tool for gaining insight into your own consumption. And although that is a good starting point, by working together we can take the next big step towards sustainable energy use. Various organisations and local authorities organise collective and citizen-driven energy actions that will help pave the way for a clean energy transition. Go ahead, find and join an EnergyID Group!

There are three types of groups in EnergyID:

  • Collective measuring
    As a member you contribute to anonymous energy measurements of your city, municipality or organisation.
  • Monitoring and follow-up
    As a member you receive coaching on energy efficiency and personal advice on how to reduce your energy consumption.
  • Support & Configuration guidance
    As a member you get support from the group administrators in configuring meters, correcting wrong meter readings, importing historical measurement data, etc.

As an EnergyID user, you decide who can access your data. When you become a member of a group we ask your explicit consent for the required permissions.