Connect your SolarEdge data to your EnergyID record and seamlessly keep your solar production and battery data up to date using our SolarEdge-integration.

This integration will synchronize the following data on a daily basis:

  • Solar production (with daily level of detail)
  • Solar production (with 15-minute level of detail) Premium
  • Battery charge, discharge, state of charge and maximum capacity (with 15-minute detail level) Premium

Up to 365 days of historical data are retrieved upon initial synchronization.

Where can I find my SolarEdge API key?

To activate the SolarEdge integration, you need to create a SolarEdge API Key..

  1. Go to the SolarEdge Monitoring portal and log in with your SolarEdge account. 
  2. At the top menu, click Admin (cog icon). If you do not see an Admin section, contact your installer to request admin rights on your PV plant..

  3. Select the Site Access tab.
  4. Activate API access. Once you check the box "I have read, understood ..." check box, an API key will appear. You will need this to activate the link with EnergyID.

  5. As a final step, press Save to save your changes.