How can I monitor my fuel consumption?

Are you looking for the best way to efficiently monitor your fuel oil consumption in EnergyID? Here are three options, ranked from most accurate to less accurate. Keep in mind that if you use multiple measurement methods simultaneously, they will all be included in the reports. Therefore, make sure to only let one method count in the reports and exclude the others.

Install a Flow Meter

  • Create a fuel oil meter with the metric Fuel oil consumption and specify whether it is an ascending or descending counter.
  • Manually input the meter readings from your flow meter or have them automatically read and sent.

Enter Tank Levels

  • Create a fuel oil meter with the metric Stock level and specify whether you express the tank levels as a percentage of the total capacity or as volume.
  • Manually input the tank levels.

For each fuel oil delivery, you must input both the tank level before and after the delivery. This is essential for generating accurate reports.

For instance, if you receive a delivery on March 26th, you should input the tank level before the delivery on March 25th at 11:59 PM. Then, following the delivery on March 26th, input the new tank level.

Enter Fuel Oil Deliveries

  • Create a meter with the metric Supply of fuel oil.
  • Manually input the delivered volume.

When processing deliveries for consumption, we assume that the tank is fully refilled after each delivery. Therefore, the delivered volume is considered as the consumption since the previous delivery.

For instance, if you input a delivery of 2000 liters on September 12th and several months later your tank is replenished with 1000 liters, we assume that you have consumed 1000 liters of oil between the two deliveries.