Import meter readings

You can import your meter readings as a CSV or Excel file.

  • Open your record and go to Meters.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right of the list and choose Import.
  • Drag your file in the box, or click Select a file on your computer.
  • Your file is now being validated. If any errors are detected, they will appear on the screen.
  • Select the meters you want to import readings for.
  • Click Import.

Import specifications

The import file must comply to the following specifications:

  • The first row contains column names, starting with Timestamp and followed by the names of the meters.
  • These names have to match the names of the meters in your EnergyID record (case sensitive). If no matching meter is found during import, you get the option to create one.
  • The remaining rows contain the meter readings. Put the date and optionally the time in the first column. For example 15/03/2016 or 15/03/2016 13:45
  • If you use a CSV file, the CSV separator must be a semicolon or a comma.

An example:

6/12/2018 20:02,76087,26407,1752
15/01/2019 22:39,76597,26553,1764
25/02/2020 14:00,77114,26710,1778