Transfer ownership of an EnergyID record

When another person becomes responsible for a property or building, primary ownership of an EnergyID record can be transferred to another account.

Only the owner of a record can transfer primary ownership.

Follow these steps to transfer your record to another account.

  • Click Records in the drop-down menu below your profile icon. 
  • Click on the three dot icon behind the name of the record you want to transfer and select Transfer.
  • Enter the email address of the user that will become the new owner and click Confirm transfer.
  • The user gets an email with instructions to complete your transfer request.

After you have given someone else ownership of a record

When you give someone else ownership of a record, you can no longer perform the following actions:

  • Transfer the record, including back to yourself.
  • View, modify or delete the record, unless the new owner gives you the required permissions.