With the timeline, you keep track of investments, renovations, behavioural changes and life moments that affect your consumption. You can also start planning future measures right away.

The new Timeline function

  • Helps you understand which events are at the base of a higher or lower consumption.
  • Gives you a clear overview of all the measures you have taken to reduce your consumption and therefore your CO2 emissions.
  • Allows your energy coach to better understand the evolution of your consumption and hence to better guide you.

Add events to your timeline

It is very easy to add an event to your record's timeline:

  • Click Timeline within your record's menu to open its timeline.
  • Click on Add at the top.
  • Choose the type of event you want to add.
  • Give your event a title and choose the date or period it took place.
  • Choose one or more categories for your event (only applicable to investments and renovations).
  • Optionally, enter a description and investment amount. 
  • Click on Save when you're done.

Edit an event

  • In the timeline, click on the event you want to edit.
  • Make the appropriate changes.
  • Click on Save when you're done.

Delete an event

  • In the timeline, click on the event you want to delete.
  • Click Delete at the bottom.
  • Confirm that you want to delete the event.

More information

  • Soon you will read here how to follow up on the results of your actions.