Launch of EnergyID Premium

Dear EnergyID user,

Since the day EnergyID was launched more than 10 years ago, the energy market has changed significantly. Where the emphasis used to be on entering a handful of meter readings each month, fully automated and accurate energy monitoring has become the norm since the introduction of the digital meter.

Up until now, we've managed to keep our server and traffic costs manageable, but the growing number of digital readings has forced us to reassess our priorities. In 2022, we therefore began to look at our platform from a new perspective: what is important to us and our users, and how can we achieve it?

Over the past few months, we have found the answer. We are stepping into a new era with one clear objective: to fully dedicate EnergyID again to our users and our communities.

EnergyID users deserve accessible energy monitoring that is constantly being improved. Hopefully you've noticed that's what we've been focusing on over the past year. Our small but driven team of 4 people has transformed EnergyID into a platform with meaningful insights and benchmarks, support for digital meters and automatic data feeds, its own mobile app, high-resolution support, and more. We also added additional features such as Timeline, Actions and Results Tracking, Metrics Explorer and since this month, Capacity Analysis. It's time to introduce all these features to you.

But as much as we would like to, unfortunately all of this cannot be offered for free. This is why from now on we will make a clear distinction between free and paid features. We have kept the options simple: a free or a Premium subscription (with or without high-resolution data).

And what if we let organizations offer you those Premium features?

Communities are at the heart of our vision

We understand that some users, especially now, are struggling to make ends meet. That's why we still guarantee that you already have great energy monitoring with the free version of EnergyID.

But Premium features are also among the options. Organizations and local governments will have the opportunity to offer EnergyID Premium to their members or residents. As a private user, you can activate Premium by registering your record with their EnergyID Group. Business users can purchase a subscription and start their own group.

By putting EnergyID Groups first, we are also improving the long-term prospects of EnergyID. After all, as a cooperative with social profit, we want to stay committed to serve you even better, and we want to do that together with our cooperative members, customers and local governments.

The launch of EnergyID Premium obviously raises some questions for existing users; we try to answer them below.

What has changed for existing users?

When you log into EnergyID using your web browser, you will notice that a number of new Premium features are visible in the menu, and some existing features are now part of a Premium subscription. Below is an overview of all the changes.

New restrictions in a free record
  • Up to 10 meters
  • Up to 2 connected apps
  • At most 2 free records per user
New Premium features that were previously free
  • Insight into your self-consumption
  • Meter reading registration via QR codes
  • Monthly digest by email

A four-month transition period is provided for existing users. They will have until July 1, 2023 to update their record to meet the new restrictions, register their record with an EnergyID Group (offering Premium) or switch to a paid subscription.

After the transition period, only the 10 most recent meters and the 2 most recent apps will be kept in a free record; the remaining meters will be closed (but not deleted) and the remaining apps will be disabled. You can reactivate closed meters or disabled apps once the number in your record drops below the limit, or by upgrading to Premium. You can also keep only two free records, the remaining records can be transferred to other users. After the transition period, we will keep the 2 most recent free records under your account, the remaining free records will be closed (but not deleted).


 How can I activate EnergyID Premium?

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