Why is my data no longer automatically updated?

EnergyID offers many integrations that allow you to automatically collect all your metering data. Sometimes it happens that your record is no longer automatically updated after a while, and this can have several reasons.

No recent data available

There is often a delay in supplying measurement data. For Fluvius, for example, there can be a delay of several days. It is best to first check the remote app or the associated web portal. If you can see recent data in there, then there is probably a problem with the connection between EnergyID and the app.

The remote app no longer transmits data

2-Wire Shayp

Applications that use our incoming webhooks periodically send your measurement data to EnergyID.  If it appears that no new data is being sent, please contact the customer service of this party.

The connection with the remote app is lost

SMA Smappee

A number of integrations in our App Directory are built by EnergyID and use an API to retrieve data from the remote app on your behalf. It may happen that the connection between your EnergyID account and the remote app is unexpectedly lost, which means that EnergyID is no longer authorised to access this API on your behalf. 

For privacy and security reasons we cannot restore the connection, you have to do this yourself.

Please follow this procedure:

  1. Click on your profile icon and select Connected accounts from the drop-down menu.
  2. If you see the message "This connection is no longer valid" in the list of connected accounts, then click Restore connection.
  3. Log in with your App account.

Once completed, your record will be automatically updated again. It may take a few minutes before new data becomes visible in your record.