Using teams

☑ EnergyID for organisations

Teams provide a structure for organizing records within a group into logical lists. For local governments, this may mean each team represents a specific district, while for businesses, teams can be used to differentiate departments or projects.

Teams can be used to streamline reporting and communication within the group. You can use teams as filters when generating reports, targeting recipients for campaign messages, or compiling the list of records.

Creating a Team

  • Go to the group and click on Teams in the left menu
  • Click on New Team
  • Give the new team a name and optionally an image
  • Click on Save

When creating a team, you can indicate whether it is for internal use only. This allows administrators to create teams that are only visible to internal staff. Public teams can be used to allow users to choose which team they want to join when joining the group.

Managing Team Settings

You can specify whether a record in your group should belong to only one team or can be included in multiple teams. This flexibility allows you to customize teams to fit the specific needs and structure of your group.

Assigning or Removing Records from a Team

  • Go to your group and click on Records in the left menu.
  • Locate the record you want to assign to or remove from a team.
  • Click on Adjust Teams.
  • Update the team selection for that record. Depending on the settings above, you may be able to select one or multiple teams.
  • Click on Save.