My historical data has disappeared! What is going on?

You have just entered a new meter reading, and now you only get results for the last month(s) in the reports.

If that is the case, please check whether your new meter reading is correct. An incorrect meter reading can lead to erroneous calculations and therefore to an unusually high monthly consumption. The graph appears to show only the consumption of a few months, but in reality the difference between the correct and incorrect values is so huge that you only get to see the incorrect values on your screen.

Why is that? The consumption over a certain period is often calculated using two cumulative meter readings. That's easy to handle! But a classic meter can also roll over zero (zero crossing), and a reversible counter might even roll backwards over zero. We do support all these situations, but ... an incorrect meter reading can put us on the wrong track.

That is why we also validate the meter readings you enter manually. If we detect an incorrect meter reading, you will be notified when you open your record.

 Changing a wrong meter reading